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Realizan mixtape para promocionar la re-edición de “Madvillainy”, la junta de Madlib y MF Doom


Uno de los productores más prolíficos y sugerentes en el ambiente del hip hop recae en las manos de Madlib; rapper inquieto, quien ha realizado colaboraciones con J Dilla, Talib Kweli, discos de jazz y buenos mixtapes de new y old school. Una de sus participaciones para el recuerdo es la con el rapero MF Doom, quienes confeccionar el excelente “Madvillany, por eso del 2004.

La gente de Stones Throw planea su re-edición y con motivo de promoción le dejan la tarea a Boom Bap Beatnik para realizar una mixtape en donde muestran todos los beats que rescató Madlib.

Quien quiera unirse, puede presionar play.

“Contrast” [‘The Illest Villains’] By Sun-Ra and his Astro Infinity Arkestra
“Beach Trip” [‘The Illest Villains’] By Morton Stevens
“Don’t touch that…” [‘The Illest Villains’] By Frankenstein (1931)
“What’s the matter…” [‘The Illest Villains’] ]By The Wild One (1953)
“Doctor, please help me…” [‘The Illest Villains’] By I Was aTeenage Werewolf (1957)
“Your mother was the lightning…” [‘The Illest Villains’] By The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)
“Experience Accordion” By Daedelus
“Sleeping in a Jar” [‘Meat Grinder’] By Frank Zappa
“Hula Rock” [‘Meat Grinder’] By Lew Howard & The All Stars
“Second to None” [‘Bistro’] By Atlantic Starr
“How do you do?” [‘Bistro’] By Casablanca (1942)
“Nardis” [‘Raid’] By Bill Evans Trio
“América Latina” [‘Raid’] By Osmar Milito & Quarter Forma
“Computer Games” [‘Raid’] By George Clinton
“In the Rain” [‘America’s Most Blunted’] By The Dramatics
“Atlantis” [‘America’s Most Blunted’] By Sun Ra
“Come Out” [‘America’s Most Blunted’] By Steve Reich
“Listening to Music” [‘America’s Most Blunted’] By Jack Margolis & Jere Alan Brain
“Ninety-Nine and One-Half” [‘America’s Most Blunted’] By Fever tree
“Blunted” [‘America’s Most Blunted’] By Phil da agony
“Sayin’ Somethin’“ [‘America’s Most Blunted’] By Edo G
“Let’s Get Dirty (I Can’t Get In Da Club)” (Acapella) [‘America’s Most Blunted’] By Redman
“Spontaneous (13 MC’s Deep)” [‘America’s Most Blunted’] By Leaders Of The New School
“React (feat. Quasimoto)” [‘America’s Most Blunted’] By Jaylib
“Acting Out the ABC’s” [‘America’s Most Blunted’] By Teri York
“Creativity” [‘America’s Most Blunted’] By Jack Margolis & Jere Alan Brain
“Physical Effects” [‘America’s Most Blunted’] By Jack Margolis & Jere Alan Brain
“Family Affair” [‘Sickfit’] By The Generation Gap
“Kelly” [‘Rainbows’] By William Loose, Stu Phillips, Marvin Elling
“Blues and Pants” [‘Rainbows’] By James Brown
“Psycho Brahmin” [‘Rainbows’] By Paul Sawtell & Bert Shefter
“Airport Love Theme” [‘Curls’] By Waldir Calmon
“Thriller” [‘Do Not Fire!’] By Michael Jackson
“Chun-Li vs. Dhalsim” [‘Do Not Fire!’] By Street Fighter II (1991)
“Mithi Mithi Ankhiyon Se Dil Bhar De” [‘Do Not Fire!’] By Kishore Kumar-Asha Bhosle
“Duel to the death…” [‘Money Folder’] By The Raven (1963)
“Hindu Hoon Main Na Musalman Hoon” [‘Shadows of Tomorrow’] By KISHORE KUMAR
“Sun Ra’s Introductory Speech from Space Is the Place” [‘Shadows of Tomorrow’] By Sun Ra (1974)
“Prepare Yourself” [‘Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test’] By George Duke
“The Theme of the Justice League of America” [‘Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test’] By Tifton Records
“P.S.K. (What Does It Mean)” [‘Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test’] By Schoolly D
“Double Barrel” [‘Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test’] By Dave & Ansil Collins
“Jeannine” [‘Figaro’] By Lonnie Smith
“In the Beginning” [‘Figaro’] By Lonnie Smith
“Sing a Simple Song (Mono Mix)” [‘Hardcore Hustle’] By The Supremes & the Temptations
“Funny Ways” [‘Strange Ways’] By Gentle Giant
“But I carried on!” [‘Strange Ways’] By Symphony in Slang (1951)
“That Ain’t the Way You Make Love” [‘Fancy Clown’] By Z.Z. Hill
“So Good” [‘Eye’] By The Whispers
“Cold Gettin’ Dumb” [‘Supervillain Theme’] By Just-Ice
“Adormeceu” [‘Supervillain Theme’] By O Terço
“Bumpin’ Bus Stop” [‘All Caps’] [99]By Thunder and lightning [100]
Excerpt from “Up Down and Even” [‘All Caps’]]By Ironside (1969)
“How Can You Believe” [‘Great Day’] By Stevie Wonder
“Making Love” [‘Rhinestone Cowboy’] By Jack Margolis & Jere Alan Brain
“Molambo” [‘Rhinestone Cowboy’] By Maria Bethania
“Mariana, Mariana” [‘Rhinestone Cowboy’] By Maria Bethania


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